Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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There was lots of paper and boxes and broken glass from having set in the field since 1977. We removed everything because we had to see what we were dealing with inside in terms of rust.


How rare is it to still see original paint and very little rust on a 66 Mustang?



Cleaned pan and found good metal up front. Those are only shadows under the dash


This is a view of the inside after we had removed all of the garbage and papers that had been left in it. We had 30 years worth of dirt accumulated as you can see


When we removed the carpets and seats we were SHOCKED to find ORIGINAL PAINT and NO RUST



Christopher applying 2 heavy coats of Rustoleum semi gloss black paint to all surfaces after he had removed all surface rust.



Drill and 4 inch wire wheel cleaned surfaces before painting


This was the only area of rust in the entire interior. Christopher removed all of the surface rust and it was sealed and painted