Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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Gas tank anti syphon screen

 We are using a 71 flip gas cap on The 66 and the twist cap under it. The problem is there is no room for a locking cap and we were concerned with possible gas theft.
  I looked for those coil inserts from the 1970's that everyone put in the filler necks but nobody makes them any longer. We decided to use 1/4 inch stainless steel wire mesh inside the filler neck and secure it with pop rivets.


1/4 inch SS welded mesh


Test fit into filler neck.


Folded for 3 layers thick and bent into a cup shape


Long pop rivets hold it in place. The pop rivets are low profile on the outside and allow the rubber hose to slide over easily and not leak. Edges of the wire were trimmed flush with the filler neck.

 The tank has a pipe plug in the bottom if we ever need to drain the tank.