Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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New Door Skin

  The side of the car was damaged when it was removed from the container. He were able to pull out the dents in the rear quarter panel with a stud welder and pull hammer. We tried to do the door also but found the metal would flex and not stay in one shape.
  We spent 2 days working the door trying to get it right but finally decided to reskin the door with a new panel.


You can see the damage done when it hit the side of the container



It was painted and then shot with undercoating. Foam was applied to the backside of the skin help deaden it and make it more solid.


  Door shell was cleaned and painted inside. All moving parts were lubed and checked for tightness.


The new skin on the drivers door.


Christopher tightening the grinder wheel to the 4 1/2 inch grinder



 Edges were ground down and the old skin was removed.


The edge of the skin was bent over the frame with a hammer and a "shot bag" on the backside of the door. The skin was spot welded on with the MIG after all the edges were bent over.


The new door will need some minor Bondo work to make it flat. The skin came from the dealer with a few small dings in it.