Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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The equipment:


Pyramid PB449X 1000 Watt, 2 Channel MOSFET Amplifier  (SUBWOOFER)

Pyramid PB448X 1000 Watt, 4 Channel MOSFET Amplifier (FRONT AND BACK)

SUBWOOFERS: Pyle (PLW12BL) 12'' 800 Watt Blue Cone High Performance Subwoofers (2 of them)

FRONT SPEAKERS: Audiofonics (ADF-9-662) 6 1/2"  400 Watt Three-Way Speakers


REAR SPEAKERS: Pyle (PL6984BL) 6' 'x 9'' 400 Watt Four-Way Speakers

JVC KD-HDR1 CD Player With Built-In HD Radio Tuner And MP3/WMA Playback Player

Hi Definition Radio provides digital CD quality sound using a standard FM antenna. JVC's KD-HDR1 has HD capability without the need for additional equipment.

I also bought an Ipod attachment for JVC so it can play Christopher’s music collection


Rather than cutting the dash, I elected to order an under dash ABS shroud made from ABS. It made the install very easy for the DIN mounts.


  We will build a cabinet in back of the rear seat for the two 12 inch woofers to fire into the back seat.

 I will update pictures as we do the install.

  Total cost was about $500

6 1/2 inch front speakers and Kick Panels

Front 6.5 speaker and kick panel

12 inch Sub Woofers





The subs were wired out of phase (+ from the amp goes to the - of the speaker). This is because the REAR of the speaker is facing the passengers compartment. The bass is very tight and strong with this design. The bass vents out the 3 speaker holes on the deck as well as through the rear seat.


1000 watt amps (sub and 4 channel main)



Front 6.5 speaker and kick panel









Mounting enclosure and DIN Head Unit under dash

6x9 Rear Speakers