Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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Fender rolling

We replaced the 225 vr50 16 Hankook tires with the same size Yokohama tires but had a rub on the rear when there were people in the back or the 66 hit a big bump. The Yokohama tires sidewalls bulge outward more even though the tread width is the same size.

The only solution was to roll the fender lips in the rear before serious problems happened to the tires. I tried the old school wood bat method but the 2 layers of spot welded metal cut into the wood and did not move the metal at all.

I checked out the Eastwood fender roller and it seemed perfect:
Video of how to use it:

The $300 price tag for a 1 time use tool seemed a bit too much to pay. I found a rental on eBay for $35 (plus shipping) for 5 days.

It was a simple job that took about 2 hours total. I did have some paint cracks on the inside lip that folded over but it can not be seen unless you look up inside the wheel well. I plan on brushing on SPI epoxy primer on the bent lip and coating the area where it is folded to the body with seam sealer to keep water out.

Attached are pictures of before and after along with Chris using the roller.


Fender Lip Before Rolling


Fender Lip After Rolling






Heat gun to soften the paint