Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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Rear End Work

  Rear end was cleaned with Uncle Mikes pressure washer until all of the surfaces were clean. Next we inspected for rust but found none.
  Rear brakes were inspected and found pads had 80% left. The differential turned easily by hand with very little slop in the pumpkin. It was decided to not tear it apart for a rebuild unless it was needed after we got The 66 going.
  The rear springs were replaced with Mustang Plus 4 1/2 leafs with center eyes to lower the rear 1 inch. All bushings were changed out with polyurethane units. The rear shocks were changed to gas shocks for a better ride.
  A 3/4 inch sway bar was also added to the rear for better handling. The Mustang did not come with one origianlly.
  All surface were preped for paint and sprayed with semi gloss black.
  We also removed the old exhaust system because we are installing a dual exhaust Shelby system that exits in front of the rear tires. It will have a pair of 40 inch glasspacks to quite down the motor...













The center eye will lower the back of the Mustang 1 inch with the new springs. the new bushings will provde a solid feel and will not wear out like the old rubber ones

side view of the old 4 leaf springs. They were in pretty worn out



A hard days work but everything back together and finished as the sun was setting