Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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Front End Work

  The first thing we did was the front suspension, steering, brakes and replace the missing parts on the front end.
  We started with a complete removal of all the suspension and steering componets and replace them with a set up from Mustang Plus. We installed gas shocks with 620 springs to lower the car about 1 inch and installed a 1.25 inch heavy duty sway bars. All of the old rubber componets were upgraded to polyurethane.
  We also decided to go with disk brakes on front during our upgrade since we had the front end all apart. The original drum brakes were always a problem for Mustang owners and we felt safety  was very important.
 When The 66 was parked in the field, someone had used it as a parts car and removed the grill assembly. We changed  the look with a Billet Aluminum grill and "blue" halogen headlights on top of the Shelby fiberglass street apron.

Car was put on jackstands to remove the suspension and steering

Front suspension, steering and brakes removed allowed Christopher access to pressure wash wheel well

It may be original black plates but who wants DUH on the plate?

Everything back together.
New 16" Torque Thrust II wheels with sticky 225/VR50/16 Hankook 106 tires


We decided to go Restomod with a billet aluminum grill in place of the stock one

Nice looking fit

Added "blue" halogen headlights to complete the look


Dad fitting grill into place. It was custom made for us by a guy in New York (Ebay).


Fiberglass Shelby Apron replaced the small stock one. Christopher installing the new bumper.