Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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The car was in desperate need of of a complete new interior. It was very dirty and seats were torn. Carpet was molding and it was time to just replace everything. Seats were removed and reupholstered with a kit from Mustang Plus.


Seats were torn but felt solid

Let the fun begin!



Foam was in good shape. We added strips of 1/2 inch additional foam all around the outside edges

Seat with needed tools to remove old cover

Christopher removing old Hog Rings

1/2 inch foam was added to the outside and middle section (not pictured) to fill out new cover

Picture of Dad removing the lower track from from frontseat


It took about 8 hours to reupholster with a kit from Mustang Plus. We found after doing one of the front seats that the new cover was not stretched tight enough. We removed all of the hog rings and bought 1/2 inch thick foam from a fabric store and used spray adhesive to glue it around the outside edges of the top and bottom of the front seats. We also did this on the back seat with and additional strip in the middle. It gave the seats a MUCH better feel and filled out the cover nicely.


Front seats installed. NOTE the 3 point seat belt we installed for safety

Rear seat, covered side panel and headliner. We covered the side panel with the same material

side panel before gluing material on with contact cement

Had to remove windows to install headliner