Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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First Day

February 2007

Christopher paid for it sight unseen and when it arrived on the truck, I suddenly got how much work was in store for us.

The car was delivered on a flatbed and had a tarp over it after sitting in a field since 1978. The brakes were frozen up and we could not get it off the truck by rolling it. I had to connect a tow rope the the back of my Explorer and pull it off the flatbed in 4 wheel low with the Mustangs tires skidding.

Body was dented by the guys who were trying to get it onto the truck and deliver it to us. It was very dirty and and obviously been a donor car for parts for someone else to get parts from.

First thing we did was remove the front brake pads so the car could be rolled up the driveway and off the street. We also had to cover it with a tarp because the the windshield had also been broken during "the delivery".


The 66 just pulled from the truck and tow rope removed with the proud new owner next to it



Christopher checking out the interior



Broken window, missing grill and headlight buckets


Radiator was missing




Rear end damage and missing lights


Side view of the body damage


Very dirty engine


Carb was gone along with other parts


This is AFTER it was cleaned out of garbage and glass