Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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Paint Booth

  Before you consider building a booth, PLEASE consider your Safety First!
  Basecoats and clearcoats have some nasty stuff in them. One of the worst is "Iso's" that is used to cure the urethane. It is odorless and can KILL you if you breath enough of them.
  •   Get a supplied air mask or a respirator with the correct Organic Vapor filters. Make sure you have a good seal on the mask (clean shaven) and CHANGE YOUR FILTERS OFTEN! I used 3 sets painting the 66 just to be safe.
  •    Get a paint suit to keep the paint off of you.
  •    Wear gloves when painting or mixing.
  •   Do not allow anyone into the booth without a respirator when spraying or shortly after!
  •   Make a chart with the mixing ratios and write down START- STOP times for each coat to allow enough time for the paint to "flash".  You might forget the actual time and it is a great double check for yourself. "Did I finish the last coat at 8:35 or 8:53???"



We tried to find a shop that would rent out a booth for weekend use but none were available. We were told that whatever we do in the booth, the shop was responsible for and EPA fines are expensive.

  The Garage is so jammed with stuff that it was not an option. We did have a large backyard and side access. We purchased a Harbor Freight car canopy on sale for $150 that can be staked down for the wind. It also weighs 130 lbs. We then covered the sides and floor with Visqueen 6 mil plastic sheeting and duct taped it down to the top. One end was left open for access and to move parts through and closed up with bungee ties around the down tubes.

  Two 20-inch provided ventilation box fans PUSHING AIR IN. These fans are not explosion proof and you do not want any VOC going through them.

The exhaust has 6 filters measuring 24x24. The fans will vent out the booth in a few minutes and over spray was not really an issue. There was no over spray anywhere near the exhaust filters on the outside!

  There was not too much dust inside. It has plenty of room for parts and the car.

 It is not as good as a REAL paint booth. But then again, I am not a REAL painter!


Assembled roof section


Rope was tied between each leg to
support the visqueen plastic in the wind.


20 inch box fans PUSHING air
into booth. It pressurizes the
booth and you can see the sides
push outward when the fans turn on.


Filters on the exhaust from the booth trap overspray particles. There was no overspray on anything outside of the booth.


The "door' was made to access the inside. Bungee ties keep it secure



The floor became pretty dirty with
over spray after awhile. We decided
to just apply another layer of plastic
to sandwich the junk in


We used 2 air compressors (110volts and 7cfm @ 50psi) on DIFFERENT electrical circuits to get the 10 CFM of air volume the spray gun needed. The compressor regulators were set to 90psi and they were T'eed into the air dryer with 25 foot hoses which helped cool the air and allow the water to condense.

The air dryer regulator was set to 50 PSI (wall pressure). The gun was set for about 10psi at the nozzle. We never ran out of air pressure even on long shoots.


Waterproof roof over the 14X24 frame


Lots of room!


Filters are on the inside of the fans


A small door was added to hand things to the inside or to talk through.


Rope was also added on the top on the ends to support the plastic. It was taped to the plastic so it would not ballon out too much


Saw horses with 2x4's provide work surfaces. Masking paper was put on the top to keep the parts from touching the green woods sap.


The exhaust filters did a great job of capturing the overspray from the booth.