Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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First start up

  My buddy Dale came over to help us get the engine started for the first time. Must give a big thanks to him for all his help!!!
 Finished plug wires and all electrical connections.
 Filled all fluids and checked everything over but discovered the NEW radiator had a broken weld on the bottom outlet that goes to the water pump.
  We decided we could start it and run it for a little while with a garden hose adding water and break in the cam later when the replacement radiator arrived.
  Christopher sat in the drivers seat and turned over the engine for the first time as Dale gave a shot of starting fluid into the carb. IT STARTED ON THE FIRST TRY!
  I can not remember when I have seen a bigger smile on Chistophers face.
  Dale and I checked for leaks or problems but found none. Christopher was calling all his buddies on the cell and holding it up to the running engine.
   Kudos to Uncle Jerry and his NAPA Auto Parts store in Redding California for a perfect build of the motor!
   Few minor problems, but it was a perfect, priceless day...

Click here for the YouTube video of the first start.

My buddy Dale came by to help on the engine. Complained some about working on Fords (Chevy Guy)

Christophers' Grandpa Milt checking out his hard work