Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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Drive shaft

  I measured my old drive shaft to see how much free play I had with the slip yoke all the way into the back of the T5. I only had .500 inch between the 3rd member rear cup. The recommended free play is .750 to 1.00 inches.
  Too little free play and you risk driving the slip yoke shoulder into the transmission case. Too much free play can cause vibration and damage to bearings in the transmission
   A local shop wanted $150 to cut, balance and install new u joints has an aluminum driveshaft with U joints for $299. Aluminum is also less prone to vibration
   I ordered a 51 inch Aluminum DS from Street or Track. It looks, fits and is made very nice. I did need to get a 1310 to 1330 U joint because I decided to run a T5 slip yoke because I had it. I purchased the new U joint from NAPA.
  You can run your old slip yoke with NO problem!
  Just measure what you actually need before you order or cut your driveshaft. The old wife's tale of taking off 1 inch is NOT true.


T5 slip yoke on left.
Original on right.


Aluminum DS with T5 slip yoke
ready to be installed.


This shows I only had .500 inch
of free play with the old drive shaft
pushed all the way into the T5


This shows the difference in widths
A 1310 to 1330 U joint is needed for the T5 yoke


1310 to 1330 u joint.
Spicers come with a grease fitting.


New drive shaft with .750 of freeplay.