Christophers 66 Mustang Restoration and Modification

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Front Disc Brakes

The old Mustangs were not known for good brakes. We wanted to upgrade to Disk Brakes and to a dual bowl master cylinder. We found a guy named Dennis from  CSRP in Texas that sold a complete Granada kit with NEW spindals and all new parts for $500. EVERYTHING was in the box for the replacement and all quality equipment. This is the way to go if you are going to do an upgrade to the brakes. Good guy, honest and answers all questions
 Here is his site:
There is very detailed instructions for the install of the kit. Great reference even if you go the junkyard route to get the donor parts from a Granada.
I will have more pictures soon

Chris installing brakes


We tried bending premade lines but it just did not come out right so we opted for stainless steel braided lines to connect master to proportioning valve


You can see the hydraulic clutch master to the right and under the brake master cylinder.

Painted caliper red to show them off



American Racing Torque Thrust II
UCA clearance with 16x8 (4.5 BS) rims



 The Granada Brakes were a great improvement but we decided to upgrade to the new CSRP kit that uses factory 99+ GT Mustang calipers and rotors.

 Massive front SN95 PBR type 2 piston aluminum caliper and 1.025" thick 11" diameter rotor are set up for Granada spindles that CSRP sells. Unlike the Cobra and SN97 brake conversions that have the calipers, brackets, and rotors laying 1-2" or more outboard from stock position, this set-up will reside at the stock position. I did not have to change my wheels.

 The Granada brake set up worked very well and the SN95 kit provided a noticeable improvement in braking. Visually the SN95 look fantastic and we decided to paint them red to draw attention to them.

 This is a great kit that I believe is better than the Kelsey Hayes kits out there.

 You can get more info from Dennis at CSRP.


New rotors and calipers

New brakes behind the Torque Thrust II wheels